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Mediq is a Dutch health care company, which provides pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, by operating apothecaries and by delivering to medical centres and patients. The company is active in 15 countries and in 2012 had a revenue of €2.61 billion. Since 2013 it has been owned by Advent International.


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Project Manager says

"waste tax payers money by the bucket loads projects never finish, and no one cares"

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"low salary, no support from management"

Current Employee - Senior Engineer says

"Highly regulated Bureaucratic The Nuclear Industry is a highly regulated environment. Consequently, you are faced with a lot of governance, procedures, and oversight in your daily work. This can feel like a big change to anyone starting at this company. It can also feel like it hampers innovation."

Current Employee - P&C Specialist says

"management is not too good"

Analyst says

"union didnt help when issues arose"


"Too little turnover, insular attitude from a corporate perspective"


"No meaning to the job. waste of 35 hours of my life. Just dong it for the money. Lack of motivation"

Medical Assistant/Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"I do not recommend working here. I did not have a good experience working for this urgent care. There was a lot of miscommunication with management. There was a lot of favoritism which was not fair. The training was not good, It seemed like everyone was trained differently on things causing confusion. Benefits were awful. Made you do you things that was NOT within scope of practiceschedulepoor training, didn’t treat employees well, unethical behavior, poor benefits"

kunde says

"Poor customer service. Poor deliver times"

Anna says

"We are using the services of Mediq Danmark already for 10 years, but last 2 years the quality went down. The first issue - price is always growing. The second, and most important - bad experience with their delivery company. The packages are simply getting lost, and very hard to track them."

Lars Grynnerup says

"Dårlig service. For ringe at mine latex handsker i str large udgår uden at jeg kan få nogle andre på min bevilling."

hodges says

"Rigtig dårlig erfaring - den sidste gang jeg brug din service! 1. My stethoscope tubing broke, I contacted Nordicorders who kindly arranged for me to send the stethoscope tubing for free under warranty via Mediq, on the condition I purchased some ear plugs from Mediq. 2. I contacted Mediq to arrange this and try to make the payment- they could not find the part number for the tubing. Mediq asked if I wanted to proceed with the order. I said no, because you didn't have the tubing. 3. I contacted Nordicorders again to discuss the problem. They agreed this had been a difficult process, so as a goodwill gesture they agreed to send both the tubing and the ear plugs for free (via Mediq). 4. I received the tubing and the earplugs and an invoice request from Mediq (which was incorrect as it had been agreed to be replaced free of charge) and a Justitia bill due to me not paying for something that was agreed to be a goodwill item! Due to the lack of Mediq to be able to supply the parts, I was told they would be supplied for free as goodwill from Nordicorders via Mediq, but Mediq have charged anyway. 84kr earplugs cost me 900kr and a big headache."

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